Watching the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics, I heard Jacque Rogge (President of the IOC) espouse the Olympic Ideals as laid down by Pierre de Coubertin, the founder of the modern Games:

“The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not winning but taking part; the essential thing in life is not conquering but fighting well.”

It’s an important value in the sporting arena, but in business also, and with a few changes, we can easily get, ‘it is not about the sale, but how you get the sale’.

Very often in business, people will focus on conquering the client in order to get their money and winning as getting that one sale.   Once the order is received, the cheque is handed over or the monies transferred, the winning line has been crossed and the race is over.

Such a mentality is bad business practice and if this is your mentality, although a sale can be secured, there’s little chance of repeat business.

Each customer needs to be seen as someone who’ll potentially buy from you again or will recommend others to your business.  Focus should be on their buying experience and the value that they are getting from the purchase – ultimately, it needs to be about them, not you!

Doing this might take a little longer and cost a little more, but by converting a customer into a repeat customer, it’s time and money well spent.